Professional Energy/Oil Photography

As a commercial photographer headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma – once proudly, and rightfully, deemed “The Oil Capital Of The World” – you can rest assured that Miller Photography has wold-class experience shooting oil, gas and energy-related subject matter. Although Tulsa isn’t quite the center of the oil & gas universe it once was, there are still plenty of vital oil and gas industry concerns located both in the city and throughout the region. At Miller Photography, we have worked for oil & gas-related clients – both large and small – all over North America. In the process, we’ve shot everything from pipelines to pump-jacks, roughnecks to refineries, heat exchangers to drilling platforms. And then some. If it’s in any way related to America’s fossil fuel industry, chances are we have experience shooting it. If you need oil and gas industry photography or video, don’t waste your time and energy looking elsewhere. Call Miller Photography, today.